In MegaTrofeos we accept various payment methods for your orders.

  • Transfer bank. You can order the payment to these accounts:
    • Bank Sabadell: ES32 0081 2372 1600 0109 1613 - BIC-SWIFT: BSABESBB
  • It is very important that you indicate as operation concept the order number. This will facilitate our payment system will automatically locate and associate it with the order. If you do not put, we must do a manual tracking, take more and may not achieve find out what order accordingly. This slows everything down and lengthens the delivery time of your order. If you forgot to do so, however, it is beyond repair. Please sends a message to our support team client and tell you what to do to solve it. You need to send us the transfer receipt to expedite your order . Please note that transfers from different entities Cajamar can take up to two business days (not include weekends or holidays) to reach us, according to banking regulations. We'll email you notice once we have confirmation of payment.

  • Credit Card. This payment is immediate. In MegaTrofeos S.L. PayTPV we adptado the standard for comfort and increased safety. When you confirm your order with payment card, will appear on screen a page frame PayTPV. You can make payment by writing your card. S.L. MegaTrofeos not receive these data or have access to them. The transaction you do it directly with the bank. If you want, you can save your card details for future purchases so you only need to type your password MegaTrofeos and PayTPV automatically authorize payment. You can associate your customer account as many cards as you need and if you have multiple billing addresses you can associate with each other the same card or cards. An order card can be paid in the next hour to confirmation before being automatically canceled. As our system prioritizes security, after authorizing the payment, your bank you may request additional confirmation by a private code that you send to the mobile, card key or additional security key that you have programmed.

  • Paypal. It is available for orders that ship to all countries, in particular, it is the only valid form of payment for destinations in the Americas. Payment by Paypal requires a few minutes to be processed and confirmed.

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